Manly Skincare – The Mr.Men’s Method

Posted on 08 June 2018

Manly Skincare – The Mr.Men’s Method

Until very recently, the world of cosmetics was almost exclusively consumed by women. However, the men of today have decided that it doesn’t need to be this way – taking care of your skin should be an essential part of your routine- if you want to keep your mug looking sharper for longer.

At Mr Men’s we wholeheartedly believe in good skincare for men so we have created skincare recommendation product list featuring our in-house brand Man of War (MoW) that only formulates products that contain natural ingredients, are cruelty-free, paraben free and are made right here in Australia!

So here it is:

1. Moisturiser

There is nothing more important in a solid skincare routine than a good moisturiser. A light moisturiser like the one by man of war keeps your skin hydrated and enriched without adding shine or grease to your complexion. Containing Vitamin E, avocado oil, vitamin B5, honey and a plethora of other skin fuelling nutrients, this moisturiser is a must!

2. Clay Mask

Clay masks are another essential in your skincare toolkit, although you only need to use it once or twice a week. Clay masks are designed to deeply cleanse and replenish the skin. The Kaolin Clay Mask by MoW contains Kaolin Green Clay to reduce impurities while the shea butter and aloe vera help soothe the skin and prevent dehydration.

3. Aftershave Balm

For those of us who shave often, investing in a quality aftershave balm is a good idea. The sweet and silky aftershave balm created by Man of War soothes redness and irritations associated with shaving while further moisturising the skin. This balm has a woody scent with natural essences that also help protect the skin from external pollutants.

4. Scents

The secret weapon in any Gentleman’s toolkit. A great scent can really add an extra dimension to your overall package. We’ve teamed up with Solid State, another Australian all-natural brand that creates breathtaking colognes inspired by Nature and Masculinity. Solid State makes solid colognes that you simply click, slide and apply. It’s the easiest on the go fragrance you will ever need.


So, are you ready to take your skincare and grooming to the next level?

Check out our full range of men’s cosmetics here


Jules Rosenstein is a Bachelor of Science with a major in physiology from the University of Melbourne. His personal ambition is to improve himself and others holistically through motivation, discipline and education.

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