Personalise Your Corporate Wear

Posted on 24 July 2018

Personalise Your Corporate Wear

When you work in a corporate environment, you don’t have a lot of freedom as to what you can wear. That’s why we’ve created a guide to help you express your creative flair and mix things up subtly with your outfit. Say goodbye to the boring suit and tie combo you’ve been donning for 5 years and hello to new chinos, coats and boots.

It’s all about pushing the boundaries just that little bit. You don’t want to go to over the top to the point where everyone in the room is staring, but you want to make them look just that little bit!

Now I’m not saying go and buy a whole new wardrobe, you’d be surprised at how little you actually need to buy to spice up an old outfit. Try to buy one new statement piece and dress around that. Grabbing a pair of new shoes is always a good start, as a general rule of thumb, always try to match your shoes with an item of clothing that sits on the top half of your body, like a shirt, hat or scarf.

Joe Raglan Knit

Board Meeting – Depending on how “corporate” your work environment is will obviously dictate what you can get away with. For big board meetings however, it’s always good to look the part. There’s nothing wrong with a plain black, clean sharp suit with a crisp white shirt underneath. The tie, is totally up to you, if you’re a “no tie guy” then don’t go the tie, and if it suits you… unbutton a couple of buttons and be confident, look the part! If you do like the tie then have fun with it, stay with darker colours as they contrast nicely against the white shirt. Also, don’t be afraid to work a dark peacoat or duffle coat, they go well with most suits and keep you warm on those cold Melbourne mornings.

Afield Grey Pea Coat

Casual Friday – Go casual…. But not too casual. Stick to nice clean sneakers or dress shoes. Try some Common Project low sneakers or even boat shoes if it’s a summery day. Always go for chinos or even a light coloured suit pant, like a grey for example. Untuck the shirt, roll up the sleeves (if it’s warm) and have some fun. Try out a nice knit as well, they work with most outfits… check out the Mr Men’s range of new knits and coats here.

Everyday wear – If you have to wear a suit for work, then obviously, wear the suit, but don’t feel limited. Try some new wrist accessories, watches, bracelets etc. If you can’t afford new shoes right at this point, that’s ok – getting your shoes cleaned professionally can breathe new life into an old pair! A new scarf and coat can make all the difference too. Also, don’t forget about your bag, they’re not just for women! Your satchel or laptop carry bag can make an outfit, try to match the colours to your outfit! Check out our range of accessories here.

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By Aaron Brockley


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