Lean Blend – The Future of Supplements

Posted on 14 September 2018

Lean Blend – The Future of Supplements

We caught up with Jamie Pitt, owner of Lean Blend, a forward-thinking health product company based right here in Australia. He tells us he wanted to “create products that are consumed by most people daily and innovate them to make them healthier for people.” No small task, but for someone like Jamie, no challenge is too great.

Lean Blend is Jamie’s fourth business, and though they’ve only been operating for just over a year and a half, it’s clear the hard work is paying off. “I love the creative process of thinking of something and then somehow learning and making it come to life.” I believe everyone should start and operate their own business even for just a few months, the lessons you get from the journey is priceless!

While he’s a successful entrepreneur now, Jamie’s career started out plying his trade as a pro soccer player in Australia and overseas. Unfortunately, injuries took their toll and he decided the time was right to try something else. 
”This resulted in me studying Graphic Design and where the entrepreneur came out in me, having the ability to design really opened my mind up to the possibilities of working for yourself and creating products that you could offer to the public.”

Jamie Pitt

He still has that competitive streak though. “I love to compete, whether it’s playing soccer every now and then, or a ‘friendly’ game of table tennis with a friend, I don’t like to lose!” Clearly, this competitive edge has helped him achieve his goals.

What he’s come up with is a product that has been carefully re-thought to give your body the boost it needs. The Amino Acid Protein Water, which comes in strawberry or watermelon flavour, is what he calls “the future of protein.” But our favourites are the coffee and hot chocolate blends. He tells us “a lot of people lack various nutrition and ingredients from their diet and if we can help out by just replacing a product they would normally consume with ours they could get the benefits of ingredients they wouldn’t normally use.”

Both the hot chocolate and coffee blends are infused with superfoods, are all natural, dairy free, and come with no refined sugars. They’re even vegan friendly! And endless benefits include increased energy, fat burning, metabolism boosting, and hunger reducing. They even have the potential to enhance mental clarity and reduce stress.

Jamie tells us the power of social media has been invaluable to his business. He runs the company solely by himself, from fulfilling the orders, to customer service, and managing his social media. “I don’t have the finances to go head to head with the bigger companies and social media was a great launching pad for Lean Blend.” He’s well aware it can be hit and miss though. We asked what works for him and he told if all else fails, “puppies! Everyone loves puppies!”

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Hit the link to check out all the good stuff Lean Blend are up to.


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By Andy Browne


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