The Ultimate Festival Fashion Guide – For Men

Posted on 01 October 2018

The Ultimate Festival Fashion Guide – For Men

With festival season fast approaching in Australia, it’s important to start thinking about outfits. Whether you’re packing your bags for 3 days of Beyond The Valley madness or just heading to a day festival, this guide will showcase the trends and style tips for this festival season!

What to wear

Because most festivals in Australia are over the summer, you can get away with just about anything. Party shirts, bucket hats, crazy coloured shorts and bandanas are the norm here – Where else can you get away with wearing stuff like this… honestly! Festivals are fun so have fun with your outfit. When you are deciding on your outfit, keep in mind there is a high chance that some of your clothes may not make it through (mosh-pits can be brutal!), so be sure not to break the bank and be willing to part with your beloved festival outfit. Any piece of clothing that you really love or do care about, probably just leave that at home, or make sure it is durable enough to make it through the hot and sweaty festival.

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Shirts are perfect for summer festivals, they’re lightweight, breathable and can be buttoned down during hot days or buttoned up for warmth at night. Floral patterned shirts have always been a go-to for many festival goers, the perfect mix between a party shirt and still looking stylish and sharp. If you are going the floral route, try to stick to darker colours as the neon pink and yellow floral shirts can kind of clash with the rest of your outfit.

Recommendation: White t-shirt and an open dark floral shirt (like the one above).

Shorts or Pants?

I’m a big believer in wearing shorts to a festival; you can pair them with some Chuck Taylor’s and some funky socks. However, don’t be afraid of the ripped jeans or the baggier pants this season, again if you are camping, pants could be the way to go, especially for those sets later on at night. If you are going for the shorts option, stick to shorts that sit just on or above the knee and try to tie the colours in with the shirt and contrast them, e.g. beige coloured shorts go well with a dark shirt. For the pants, same rules apply, keep the colours matching and don’t be afraid to roll those pants up and show off your sock game!

Recommendation: Beige shorts that sit just above the knee.

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Festivals and accessories go together like Bunnings and sausage sizzles! Go all out with accessories, go buy that chain that hangs from your sunglasses, get your hands on some sick bracelets and find yourself a 5-panel or bucket hat that you love… but are willing to part ways with if it doesn’t make it through the festival!

Recommendation: A Gold chain that loops into your sunglasses, white bandana to protect from the dust and Chuck Taylor shoes.

The top festivals around Victoria this summer:

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