Lessons in Wearing Cologne with Solid State

Posted on 05 October 2018

Lessons in Wearing Cologne with Solid State

Wearing the wrong cologne can seriously sabotage your sense of style. So if you’re the kind of guy who takes pride in his personal aesthetic, it’s important to find the perfect personal scent. Because even the most well put together ensemble can be tainted by traces of an ill-suited and/or out-dated fragrance.

If it were down to choosing the nicest bottle in the most striking packaging—with the most handsome advertising—shopping for a quality men’s fragrance probably wouldn’t be so hard. But there’s more to nailing your personal scent than buying cologne because a male celebrity—actor, athlete or other—says he loves to wear it.

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From what it’s made from to where it’s made, and how it smells once it’s settled on your skin, there’s a lot to consider when selecting the scent that best represents the kind of guy you are, and the kind of man you want to be.

To demystify the process, we spoke to Anthony Nasr of Melbourne’s Solid State on everything you need to know before you buy your next (or first) cologne.

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KATHRYN CARTER: In your opinion, why do men wear cologne?

ANTHONY NASR: I think it’s a confidence thing, what better way to finish off your outfit than with your favourite scent?

KC: You launched Solid State when you realised that products designed specifically for men were seriously lacking. What’s the main difference between men and women’s needs when it comes to fragrance and skincare?

AN: Some of the main points of difference would be that most women have long hair, whereas men aren’t normally battling tangles & split ends. Another main difference would be skin, women commonly use make up on a daily basis where as men tend to have simpler daily routines. These two main differences mean we can tackle men’s grooming from a different angle, and not just repackage the same old products with different marketing messages.

KC: Your products contain high percentages of natural, botanically derived ingredients including Beeswax, Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil, in conjunction with premium fragrance oils. How do colognes made from natural ingredients differ to those made from synthetic alternatives?

AN: Our fragrances are a blend of natural essential oil and premium fragrance oils. Unfortunately, if we only used essential oils our products would vary from batch to batch, which would make for an annoying [and inconsistent] favourite scent! Essential oils will produce varying end products, depending on season or harvesting conditions.

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KC: Your website advises that you should “subtly re-apply” your fragrances to avoid overloading before you leave the house. How to really know when you’re wearing the “ideal amount” of cologne?

AN: This is a tough one, we don’t want to tell people how to wear cologne, this is very personal. But keep in mind, just because you can’t smell it on yourself, does not mean no one else can. Solid State products wear very differently from alcohol-based sprays; they have a much more subtle and evolving nature, and [so] will be noticed and appreciated in a more intimate environment.

KC: Your colognes feature names such as Drifter, Journeyman, and Aviator. Keeping this adventurous spirit in mind, how do you pack your cologne when you travel?

AN: In my pocket!

KC: We’ve heard there are a few key “pulse points” that men should hit when applying their cologne. Can you tell us where these areas are?

AN: Wrists, neck and behind the ears for me, but I have heard people say [that] behind the knees is the best place for projection—I have never tried this though. Wherever your body gives of the most heat [is where] you will have the best chance of projection.

KC: Not all colognes suit all occasions. Any tips for the best fragrances for work, versus going out at night?

AN: Personally, I like fresh, sporty scents for day-to-day, with citrus top notes. When it comes to evenings you have a lot more freedom to try [something] less conventional, such as Oud, musk or smoky variants.

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KC: You’re proudly Australian made and owned, shipping all orders directly from your Melbourne warehouse. What are the benefits to buying skincare that is locally made?

AN: Australian made products are perceived worldwide to be quality for a reason, we have a highly regulated industry and great raw materials. When it comes to skincare I know where I’d like my products to be produced.

KC: How do you know when a fragrance really suits your skin type?

AN: I think it has more to do with personal presence then skin type. As long as you feel confident in what you’re wearing, that is key.

KC: Do you think cologne can embody and reflect a man’s personal style?

AN: Without a doubt.

KC: What advice would you give to a man in search of his perfect personal scent?

AN: Don’t be fooled by Johnny Depp digging holes out in the desert, or David Beckham in his underpants! You won’t turn into these blokes by using products! Explore products that may be a little obscure, people will appreciate something different.

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