Back to The Fashion Future

Posted on 21 October 2018

Back to The Fashion Future

I remember watching a movie from the early 2000’s and the main characters time travelled into the year 2050 in search of their friend. Tights, skirts, bulky high-heeled clogs and tight skivvies. This is what all the MEN were wearing. I remember thinking to myself that they looked crazy. Looking back now, people 50 years ago would’ve thought WE were crazy because of what we wear in 2018… So that begs the question, what will men’s fashion look like in 50+ years? Styles and trends change as many times as the release date on a Frank Ocean album!

Jeans – for example, went from skinny, to leather, to ripped, to baggy, to camo, to cargo, to custom rips and DIY drawings with a sharpie all over them. So who knows, maybe it’s not that crazy to imagine a world where men wear skirts (like Kanye did in the WTT tour) and tights underneath the skirts, like what Nike, Adidas & Under Armor already make for athletic use.

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So what drives change in the fashion world?
It’s a combination of a lot of things, but I the main three forces of change are: sport, culture and music. The world watches our sports stars and keeps a close eye on what they wear, especially in the NBA and most American sports. Fashion from the states always makes its way down to Melbourne very quickly. The music scene is also a massive factor, what our favourite artists are wearing heavily impacts on us. We idolise our favourite stars and in turn, we want to look like them, so we use their style as inspiration for our own.

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In terms of predicting the next fashion trend; it is impossible. Although, my guess is that fashion will move toward a more customisable, gender neutral and reusable look and feel. Neutral soft colours and all kinds of fabric including hemp which is a much more sustainable fabric and better for our environment. 

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As consumers we don’t want to wear something that feels mass-produced, we want to feel special, feel different. We admire those who push the boundaries of fashion, like Pharrell Williams (pictured above), Virgil Abloh and Kanye West, just to name a few. These three men come to mind when you think ‘future fashion.’ Each of them in their own right push fashion forward by wearing and creating one-off, custom and gender neutral clothing.

If fashion is moving to a more reusable, gender-neutral movement then what does that mean for fashion houses like Gucci, LV and Alexander Wang? Will they have to adapt and create what is “in” at the moment? Will we, as consumers, continue to buy from the big fashion houses, or will boutique smaller retailers and labels succeed?

By Aaron Brockley


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