Dressing For Your Body Type

Posted on 09 November 2018

Dressing For Your Body Type

When you hear the phrase: “Dressing for your body shape”, I think us men immediately fall into the trap of thinking “that’s a woman thing” – FALSE.

One of the most overlooked things in men’s fashion is dressing to your body type. It can make or break any piece of clothing and outfit. Throughout this article we’ll explore what works and what doesn’t on certain body types.

First, you need to understand what body type you are, we’ve broken it up into a few rough types.

The Rhomboid

Source: Szarmart

We’re talking broad shoulders and chest with relatively narrow hips and waist. Probably the easiest body shape to dress for as everything is balanced and most clothing is made for this body type.


  • You have a lot of freedom to try to keep the balance right between top and bottom
  • Try to wear a suit as often as possible! The even nature of your body is great for corporate wear.


  • Again, not a lot of “don’ts” here either, if you have the rhomboid body type – Congratulations!

The Upside Down Triangle

Source: Swimswam

Second is the upside down triangle body type, with broad shoulders and chest like the rhomboid, but super narrow hips and waist. Most tall athletes (swimmers in particular) have this body type. Dressing for this body type again is pretty straightforward, you’ve just gotta make sure that you’re wearing slightly more tailored clothing so you don’t appear too top heavy.


  • Wear V neck clothing, this will draw attention downward and away from the large chest area.
  • Wear ripped jeans, with a basic top – Again this will draw attention downward
  • Double-breasted jackets are also great, as they help the torso and shoulders appear even.


  • Wear skinny jeans, the obvious one – They’ll draw the eye to your bottom half and can make you appear very top heavy.
  • Wear big puffy jackets, as this will make your chest/shoulder region appear even bigger.

The Rectangle

Source: JustJared

Pretty obvious one here, your body is even – meaning your shoulders, hips and waist are similar in width. The goal for dressing for the rectangle body shape is to make the chest appear a little bigger and to narrow the waist/hip region.


  • Wear padded or puffy jackets to draw attention to the chest area of your body
  • Scoop neck tees are also good for this same reason
  • Long sleeve loose fitting tees are great
  • T-shirts with logos on the chest pocket to keep the eye around the chest area.


  • Stripey T-shirts, as they may highlight the rectanglular shape.

The Oval.

Source: US Weekly

The oval shape refers to a larger mid-section with a slimmer chest region. The main thing with this body type is to try to even the body out and to not draw attention to the midline.


  • Wear vertical stripes to lengthen the body
  • Wear t-shirts with graphics or writing on the top half of the t-shirt to draw attention to the chest region and not the stomach
  • Wear loose fitting pants to keep the consistency.


  • Steer clear of tight-fitting pants as this will give you a top-heavy look
  • Horizontal stripes, as this gives the illusion of widening the body.
  • Low scoop or V neck tee shirts.

No matter which body type you are, there are outfits that look good for everyone. It is important to dress to what works for you and will highlight your features. Next time you are shopping,  consider which item of clothing will look and feel best on your body type.

By Aaron Brockley