How to Wear a Formal Suit Without Losing your Cool

Posted on 17 November 2018

How to Wear a Formal Suit Without Losing your Cool

Your ultimate guide to looking smart in the summer heat

There’s a lot to love about summer fashion. The colour, the simplicity, and the comfortable cuts. Getting ready for a day out in December is (mostly) as easy as throwing on a Tee and slipping into a pair of your favourite jeans. But it’s harder to dress for the heat when you’ve got somewhere (a little fancier) to be. Because let’s face it, no one wants to even look at a blazer when the sun is, well, blazing.

Thankfully, there are ways to dress up while keeping your body temp down, and we’re here to tell you how.

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#1 Read your labels

When it comes to wearing a suit in summer, fabric is everything. The general rule of thumb: stick to all natural threads, and avoid synthetic blends. Step out in style sans the sweltering by opting for ensembles made from linen and cotton, or fresco wool—a specific blend of wool that consists of multiple strands of yarn, high-twisted with an open weave, allowing the fabric to breathe. While you’re groping for fabric labels, do yourself a favour and take a look at the lining, too. Investing in an unlined, or half-lined suit is a must for the season, as it will allow for greater ventilation and coolness.


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#2 Accessorise right

Just as a beanie adds warmth while boosting your style, a well-chosen hat amplifies your aesthetic while simultaneously protecting you from the harshness of the heat. In summer, the good old-fashioned Panama is a stylish man’s best friend. Or, if you’re feeling ultra-daring, you could opt for a retro straw boater, a great option for the man who likes to seriously stand out from the crowd.

Image Courtesy of MJ Bale

#3 Keep to kinder colours

And by kinder colours, we mean the lighter shades that will keep you coolest beneath sizzling summer rays. There’s no denying the sophistication of a jet black suit, but in warmer conditions, it’s often wiser to opt for a brighter colour palate. For formal occasions light grey is a classic choice, or seriously suave shades of navy. Summer is also the ideal time to experiment with happy-go-lucky hues, such as baby blue, pastel pink, or berry—ideal options for the man who isn’t afraid of making an unforgettable fashion statement.

Image Courtesy of MJ Bale

#4 Embrace the loafers look

When it comes to pairing shoes with your suit, you may be tempted to default to a pair of Oxfords, Derbies, or Brogues—all verified, formal footwear options. But when it comes to wearing a suit in summer, there’s nothing like the feeling of stepping out in a pair of loafers. Not only will they add a healthy dose of old-fashioned charm to your look, they also cut out the need to wear socks—and let’s face it, when you have to go out on an Australian summer night, the more things you don’t have to wear, the better. We give loafers extra points for feeling kind of like slippers, an added bonus when you’re feeling slightly (very) stifled in the heat.

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