5 Gift Ideas for the Man Who Has Nothing

Posted on 25 November 2018

5 Gift Ideas for the Man Who Has Nothing

Finding the perfect gift for a man who has two left feet when it comes to style and fashion can seem about as simple as trying to thread a needle while leaning out of a moving vehicle.  That is why here at Mr Men’s we’ve compiled a gift guide of a few essential items for the man who might need a little nudge in the right direction when it comes to developing their own sense of style.

1. An Oxford Shirt

Is your man in question in the habit of only wearing a t-shirt and jeans on most days, or to events and gatherings you attend? Sure that might be fine for a lazy Sunday afternoon at home on laundry day, but it can be hard habit to break out of, especially if the man doesn’t have that wide of a range of alternatives in his wardrobe.  If you want to help your man break these habits and assist them in becoming the rakish and style-forward chap you know they are, then why not gift them an Oxford shirt this Christmas.

This staple of classic sophistication and style works with just about anything. Whether it’s to look sharp at the office or sophisticated while lounging at the beach, an oxford shirt can be easily dressed up or down, and is a must-have in any modern man’s wardrobe.  They’re available in a range of colours, with light blue and white being the classic go-tos for many a discerning gentleman. If you can, why not get two or three? A man can never have enough Oxford shirts in his closet.

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2. A Damn Nice Coat  

A quality coat is the perfect symbol of functional style. Not only will it keep you warm, but it will look good doing it. Probably not one that will be worn right away in the middle of a steaming Australian Christmas, but think ahead to the Melbourne’s chilly winter nights and your man will be glad to have it.

A coat is perfect to throw over a suit or formal attire, or can be worn with a crisp, plain t-shirt, trousers and a good pair of trusty boots for a more casual, but equally winter-appropriate look. You don’t just want the coat to be an afterthought of your outfit, it should be an elegant style statement all on its own, while still being comfortable to wear.

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3. Skin Care Supplies

Many men neglect their skin, or just don’t know how to take care of it properly. While men can spend a lot of time and effort on their physical health, whether it’s a balanced diet or regular exercise, one part of the equation is often overlooked, and it’s a seemingly obvious one at that. If you can see your main man’s skin is in need of some attention then this Christmas is your chance to help them take action with quality products to keep their skin looking fresh. Also shopping for skin care products means you can try out samples for yourswin-win win win.

 You want to be looking for general, but effective, skin care treatments that provide your man with a solid first step towards happier, healthier and more attractive skin. The hard part now is making sure he uses it. A quality moisturiser is a first step to great skin.

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4. Cologne

There’s nothing worse than having a well-constructed outfit ruined by cheap deodorant or offensive cologne. If you’re noticing the man you’re buying for often emerges for a night out through a cloud of deodorant, smelling less like sandalwood and spice and more like a high-school boys changing room, then it is time to help them see the light. Buying cologne, especially for someone who hasn’t previously worn it, can seem like a bit of a challenge. But if you’re smart about how you approach the purchase you’ll be sure to put the perfect gift under the tree. Just note down a few things about the man in question; what does he like, what does he do during he day, what does he often wear? Questions like these can help you find a scene that will reflect who he is, and one that is appropriate for his everyday activities.

Just make sure if he’s a cologne novice that he doesn’t apply too much. Remember, if people can still smell it minutes after he’s left the room, he needs to cut back. Cologne should be light and crisp in the air, but strong enough for people to notice it when you approach them.  A good or appropriate cologne doesn’t have to be expensive, but be sure to avoid anything that is suspiciously cheap. The smell will reflect he price. Solid State’s fresh range of pocket colognes is a great way to start.

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5. A Leather Wallet or Card Carrier

This one might seem a little niche, but when it comes to proper style, no detail is too great or too small to be overlooked. If there’s one habit that should be banished to the vile depths from whence it came is using anything velcro. That includes that favourite wallet that your man has had since he was little.

Much like cologne, you don’t want an outfit or first impression to be tarnished by the smallest hiccup, especially when it’s revealed your wallet is from (and should have stayed in) the 90’s.

A genuine leather wallet or sleek card holder is a fantastic way to round out an outfit and gives any man a professional or respectable air wherever he goes. Cardholders are especially good for those men you know tend to hoard cards or coins in their wallets, offering only a few slots for the essential items and ensuring it will fit seamlessly into the outline of any coat, jacket or pocket.


Hopefully we’ve helped to take a little bit of the stress of gift buying out of this year’s silly season.

If you’re still looking for more gift-giving inspiration, or looking for that special something just for yourself, then check out Mr Men’s very own line of stylish pieces for the modern gent.

Stay tuned for our blog on 5 helpful gift ideas for the man who has everything.


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