The Ultimate Summer Swimwear Guide

Posted on 27 November 2018

The Ultimate Summer Swimwear Guide

As summer is getting closer and closer, we’ll take a deep dive into what you need to know if you’ll be hitting the beach this sizzling season! From board-shorts to Speedo’s we will cover everything you need to know about swimwear for the summer.


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Never say never! Speedos or “Budgie Smugglers” as they’re commonly referred to here in Australia are here to stay! They’ve been around for over 100 years and are typically worn by athletes for swimming / triathlons etc. In recent years however, we’ve seen the common man donning the look. I say go for it, find yourself an ‘out there’ pair with some funky colours and go for it…. Just make sure you’re ready for a few looks your way!


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Originally known as “Surf Trunks” the Board-short has really developed over the last 50 years in terms of style. With surfers adding their own flare to the shorts with cool designs and adding different materials to help with movements while surfing. In the last 10 years, the style of board-short has shifted towards an above knee look. Always try on board-shorts before buying to ensure they sit just above the knee roll. In terms of style, this summer try to go for something bold yet basic – Summer colours like red, yellow and orange are in this summer. Pair a bold coloured pair of board-shorts with a nice white button down shirt and there is your look!

Don’t be afraid to take some risks with your board-shorts too, Hawaiian board shorts are back in, so if you don’t want to go down the path of the basic colours, have fun with it – grab some funky board-shorts and pair with a basic tee!


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Being at the beach or by the pool this summer, you’ll obviously want to go for an open toe shoe. Try the good old faithful Birkenstock for a summer European look, they come in all colours, sizes and materials – you really can’t go wrong there. If you don’t want to go down that route you can always try a basic “Slide” yes slides are back in! You can pick up some nice slides for around $40-$50 and they’re super comfortable!

Tee Shirts and Shirts 

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Complete your summer beach look with a nice button down shirt or a graphic tee. Try to avoid clashing the colours of your tee or shirt with your board-shorts. For example, you can go with a red board-short paired with a nice black tee with a small graphic and some black slides to finish it off.

Let us know in the comments what swimwear you’ll be rocking this summer, are you a Budgie Smuggler or Board-short guy?

By Aaron Brockley

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