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The 4 Most Underrated Christmas Games

Posted on 11 December 2018

The 4 Most Underrated Christmas Games

For most guys as we mature into our 20’s, 30’s 40’s and beyond, Christmas becomes less about the presents and more about the quality time we spend with family and friends on that special day. I for one love chatting to relatives I haven’t seen all year, but I think we all have “that uncle” that tells the same “funny” stories every year…. So if you’re tired of hearing the same stories from your uncle Steve then try these 4 games on Christmas day, they’re guaranteed to keep the day fun and exciting.

1. Backyard Cricket – Who doesn’t love a good ol’ fashion game of backyard cricket. All you need is a bin (stumps) a cricket bat (any type will do, $10 from K-mart = No worries!) and a couple of tennis balls. Backyard cricket is perfect for the whole family, stick Uncle Steve fielding deep in the outfield where he can tell his stories to the birds! Everyone’s included and you can almost have an unlimited amount of players, given you’ve got room in the yard.

Courtesy of: The Daily Telegraph

2. Bocce – Another one for the whole family, anyone can play this one. It’s a great game for Grandma and Grandpa too, if they’re tired from bowling 150km/h bouncers in backyard cricket, why not take it down a notch and play a leisurely round of Bocce 😉 Bocce is quite similar to lawn bowls, the aim of the game is to get your ball closer to the jack than your opponents. Unlike Lawn Bowls how you roll the ball, in Bocce you throw the balls in the air. Each person takes turns throwing their balls towards the jack and when there are no balls left the winner is whoever’s ball is closest. Really quick and easy game that can be played for the whole afternoon.

Courtesy of: Castanet

3. Giant JengaOne of my personal favourites. Just like the Jenga you know and love… except GIANT. Again, fun for the whole family the aim of the game is to remove the wooden blocks and not let the whole thing topple over. This game is great for adults and kids as you can also pair up in teams, eg. An adult and a child pair up to keep it a fair game. A set will cost you around $100, best to look on eBay as there are always cheap sets popping up.

Courtesy of: Bevy

4. The Ring Toss (Quiots) – A family classic. The objective is to throw the rope rings around the stick so they land and stay around the stick. You can play this game with an actual set that you can buy from any good toy store or trusty Ebay, or you can always DIY if you’re a resourceful handyman. What’s better than telling the rello’s that you’re the reason everyone’s having so much fun on Christmas day!?

Courtesy of: Games on the green

They’re our top 4 games to play on Christmas to ensure it is a fun filled day for the whole crew! Let us know in the comments which are your favourite games and if we’ve missed any!

By Aaron Brockley


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