What Fashion Trends We Must Keep in 2019

Posted on 13 January 2019

What Fashion Trends We Must Keep in 2019

2018 is but a distant memory as we hit the ground running in 2019! We’ve compiled a list of a few trends and styles that were a hit in 2018 and we will keep for 2019.

Vintage Tee’s


Yes, vintage has been around, well since forever… But in 2018 vintage tee’s became a must have in a guy’s wardrobes. Hitting local thrift stores is a great way to find some cheap and awesome looking tee’s. Styles to look out for are old Rock tee’s (Metallica, Guns N Roses etc.) or anything skate inspired (old skate brands), loose baggy fitting tee’s are always a good start.



The famous “Guess” had a huge revamp in 2018! With fashion icon Sean Wotherspoon dropping a number of collaboration collections throughout the year, Guess went from designer brand worn by people over 40 – to a youthful fashion label. The famous striped Guess tee’s were seen throughout Melbourne, with new releases dropping every few months, Australia was treated to some real beauties! Going forward into 2019 look for Guess to drop some more iconic tee’s with a whole range of different patterns and colours.

Relaxed Fitting pants / Jeans


Over the past few years men have moved away from the skinny jean and made the transition over to the relaxed fit. Personally, I think the reason for this is that many guys have taken on the ‘90’s skater look’, which does include the vintage tee’s and loose fitting pants. The skinny jeans are great and don’t get me wrong they should be a staple in any man’s wardrobe, but you shouldn’t be scared to experiment with the relaxed fitting pant this year.



Corduroy is another one of those trends that has been around for a few years, but in 2018 we saw a lot of it. Hats, pants, shoes, shirts and t-shirts, pretty much anything and everything went corduroy last year. In essence corduroy is almost a very stiff velvet texture, personally I love it, it just gives garments that X factor. Whether you’ve got a plain coloured tee or hat, corduroy definitely gives you that point of difference vs cotton. Corduroy is here to stay in 2019.

Colour Blocks

Check it out at Mr.Men’s Melbourne

Colour block shirts are in for 2019. Contrasting bold colours on the one t shirt or shirt is a great new look. 2018 saw a lot of nice plain coloured button up shirts, but this year get a little creative and match a coloured shirt with some nice plain shorts and you’ve got the perfect summer outfit.

By Aaron Brockley

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