Melbourne Launches Scooter Taxis

Posted on 11 April 2019

Melbourne Launches Scooter Taxis

Reminiscent of that trip to Thailand? Cutting down the streets with your life in a stranger’s hands? Well a Melbourne rideshare service is bringing us just that.

Melbourne has launched a new motorbike taxi service, which joins a longstanding industry prominent throughout Asia and Europe. Scooti is Australia’s first government-compliant two-wheel rideshare service which officially began ferrying passengers on the 19th of March. Scooti operates from 5am-10pm at night and requires drivers and their vehicles to be thoroughly tested and checked to meet safety standards. To meet those requirements drivers are required to provide a helmet for passengers and to keep things clean passengers are required to wear a provided hairnet too. Drivers must be at least 21-years-old and have held an unrestricted motorcycle license for more than six months. Vehicles must also pass an inspection and be accredited commercial passenger vehicles. While motorbike taxis have long been a government regulated service in countries like Thailand, American rideshare service Giant Uber launched its first mobile motorbike service UberMoto in Bangkok in 2016. However, Uber Thailand has recently been bought out by rideshare giant Grab.

Mr Men’s Melbourne thinks Scooti is a great idea and is stoked to welcome a faster, more fuel-efficient rideshare service to our city. The service itself will help with a number of things from parking shortages to reducing traffic, pollution and fuel consumption. Although motorbike parking has never really been a problem in Melbourne, as footpath parking is legal, if the operation expands to Sydney and Brisbane as stated, it’ll bring a world of convenience to cities along the east coast. While passengers will be limited to what they can bring or carry, as both a courtesy to the driver and for the safety of other drivers on the road, vehicles will be fitted with a small luggage box capable of carrying an average backpack. Small bags may be worn across the body also. Limited space will be made up for with shorter times spent in traffic. With the recent lane filtering laws brought in in 2017, now you no longer have to be envious of the bikes cruising past your door while you wait in traffic. You can join. All while enjoying both the thrill and chill motorbike riders enjoy daily. There’s something so different about seeing the city from the perspective of two wheels; to feel the breeze at different speeds, to feel the terrain.

Similarly to Uber, to hail a ride first you’ll have to download the app (available on iPhone and Android) and make your booking. At the end of each trip you’ll rate your driver and experience too. For now, there’s even a $2 trip promotion for rides within a 10km radius of Melbourne Town Hall, so don’t forget to enter that promo code before each ride.

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