The Art of The Man Cave

Posted on 22 October 2019

The Art of The Man Cave

The once sought after man cave has come under some heat in the last few years. Some find the idea rather offensive while others are all for people acquiring their own personal space. The key words there were both people and personal space. You see, we all find comfort in different activities: Some love to be outdoors, some love to go shopping and others, more simply, love to spend the day at home. If the home is a sanctuary, then the man cave is no different. Allow us to explore the how-to and why-to of the man cave.

Privacy in a time of oversharing

As we continue to utilise share services and build a more unified economy, sometimes we overlook the value of personal space. When every aspect of our life becomes public or shared, sometimes we lose our self and an appreciation of us. Not exclusive to the introverted, every now and then things can get a little much for even the most outgoing of people. This is when private spaces work as a place of refuge; a hideaway from the world decorated in our favourite memories and items which represent us. A place where we feel both at ease and comfort can be therapeutic. Best of all, it doesn’t have to be a room, it doesn’t have to be a garage, it doesn’t even have to be secluded so long as it is designed to reflect self-expression.

Devil in the detail

For a lot of men, the man cave is an extension of the trophy cabinet. It’s a home for the football trophy you earned with the state team, the karate championship medal you won at 17 or the bib from the marathon you surprised yourself with and ran in record time. It’s nice to be proud of what you’ve achieved and it’s even nicer to create a home for those awards. Having a place where evidence of who you are and what you’ve done can be housed can help foster your sense of self and serve as a much-needed reminder when the sky becomes cloudy. Following on from the pride you have in your medals, there’s also the pride you have from building the space yourself. Together it becomes not only a token of your efforts but the ultimate badge of your accomplishments–what you can achieve housed in what you can build.

The return of DIY

More than a space to call our own, there’s something so incredibly rewarding about doing things on our own. From something as simple as changing a bulb to as complex as restoring a motorcycle, having put in the time and effort yourself teaches you a thing or two about patience and appreciation. When it comes to building your own man cave, or even a house for that matter, to build it yourself makes it that much more personalβ€”call it a true representation of yourself. It’s the same as picking up a new discipline, say, like, judo. You start off as a beginner and you slowly learn the techniques and earn the belts while as you progress. Having built the space yourself means you’ll know it like the back of your hand. Is that corner bench beginning to squeak? Is that shelf a little loose? No problem, you know exactly what’s behind them.

Maintaining the novelty

As it goes with anything in life, to maintain our appreciation of something means to not overindulge in itβ€”and the man cave is no exception. One of the main concerns with the concept of man caves was that they were seen as a space to escape; somewhere men go to hide from their wives. While our nooks should serve as a refuge from being overwhelmed, they shouldn’t be an all-out hideaway, especially from your partner. We need to apply a healthy limit on time spent in the cave just as we do with our healthy diets. And let’s be honest, the man cave doesn’t even have to be manly nor does it have to be purely for men. Should you choose, the man cave could be the ultimate space for your and your partner; somewhere to share sides, cabinets or maybe even document your relationship.

We all need space every now and again and the man cave – with the right intentions – can be just that. Have your own fine man cave or hideaway? Have you found refuge in other ways? Share your answers with us in the comments.

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