5 Essentials Every Man Needs When Leaving the House

Posted on 09 November 2019

5 Essentials Every Man Needs When Leaving the House

In life, no matter how much we try, there are some things we’ll never be ready for. But as men, we often like to think we will be; we like to think we can handle ourselves and others in most situations life throws at us. While that thought may be unrealistic, it never hurts to plan ahead and be semi-prepared for what’s to come. Of course, no matter what we’ve got in our pockets we’ll never be fully prepared for everything, but with this small list, we can be certain to tackle the general necessities at least.

Here are 5 things a man should never leave home without:


I still find it rather funny that I have two write this one but after spending two and half years bartending through my early college days it came to my attention numerous times that it needs to be said. The same lines were used every time: “Oh, I’ve just come from work” or “I just came for a quick beer with my mates”. Whether you be in your own country or abroad you should always carry proper identification. A man shouldn’t leave home without it because who’s to say he is who he says he is? To a stranger, a man’s word doesn’t mean much and there are also numerous other factors like emergencies – if an accident was to happen without proper identification authorities won’t know where to start or who to contact.


If a man just turned up to a business lunch, a meet and greet or even a dinner date and he’s without his wallet, the chances of him leaving a good impression are slim. A wallet should go with a man everywhere he goes because it holds all his essentials: cash, credit cards, ID, driver’s license and business cards. Without it out, he’s more than just struck for cash, he also faces the potential loss of new contacts without business cards. And to be frank the man without his wallet is a pain in the arse. He’s forgetful and he most likely needs someone to pay his share. If you’re constantly forgetting things and having to pay people back all the time then you’re not really being man, you’re being a boy.

His keys

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No matter where a man goes he should always have his keys. You never know exactly where the day or night is going to take you and it’s a terrible thing to be locked out of the home on a cold night or scorching day. Having to rely on someone else is always burdening on the other person. They might get called into work or maybe be even just on a spontaneous adventure and if they’re stuck at home and have to wait on you it’s not very fair, is it? Whether it be on a quick drive to the video store or even if you’re off on your morning run, it doesn’t hurt to loop your key through shoelace or tuck it into that zipper pocket at least.

Clean clothes and combed hair

First impressions are everything. No matter how grubby a man may finish up at the end of the day, he should never start it that way. How he presents himself says a lot about him. It doesn’t matter whether he is off to the corner shop or wandering the streets of a city he’s never been before, a man should leave the house clean and tidy. As my grandfather always said, “it doesn’t matter where you come from, you should always leave home with your hair combed, your shoes polished and a clean set of clothes”.

His manners

Everyone’s fighting a battle that we’re unaware of (even though some are more vocal than others). But despite what’s going on in a man’s life or what just happened minutes ago, a man should never leave home without his manners. There’s no excuse for being rude and regardless of what anyone has done, no one deserves to be treated badly. At one point in our life, we’ve all had that cranky boss who yells at their employees because they’re feeling down – and we all know how that makes us feel. Part of being a man, an adult even, is taking your problems on the chin and facing them by yourself. Whoever we encounter along our way doesn’t need to know all the details and they probably have nothing to do with whatever is making us feel the way we do, so let’s all be gentlemen and treat everyone nicely. Besides, didn’t your mother tell you to treat people how you’d like to be treated?

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