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Posted on 14 December 2019


Finding that perfect job is no easy matter. Is it who you know, what you can do or a combination of both? No one ever really knows, however there are little things we can do to stand out. It never hurts to plan ahead and be semi-prepared for what’s to come. With this small list of essential items you can bring to every job interview, you might just get that dream job or at least impress the rest with your initiative.

Here are 5 things every man should carry to a job interview:


Why bring your resume when you applied with it initially? Well, quite simply, we’re all rather busy nowadays. Most job applications are completed online and in turn that’s where our applications were created and are kept. For larger companies, it’s a pretty long walk from the human resources department to your manager’s desk, often it’s a few floors. It’s always best to bring your resume for reference and to brush over it a few times before going in to be sure there’s no discrepancies between what’s on paper and what’s said.

Business card

The secret of the business card is not that it’s a direct foot in the door or that the person you hand it to will hire you, it’s where it goes next. You see when the managing editor you met a few hours earlier runs into one of his former staff who is looking for a writer, you might not be the first person he thinks of, but you are the physical contact he has in his wallet. The same case works in slightly different roles and industries time and time over. This is why you need to bring one to every job interview.

An objective

Not everyone needs a 5-year career plan, but we all need a little direction. Understanding where a certain role might take you and evaluating whether it builds towards your dream, goal or raison d’être – that’s French for most important purpose – is important. Is this job simply a sidestep? Or can this put you on path to your dream job? Not only does this help paint a picture for your employer but also lets them understand your motivations for applying and whether they could help you achieve this role or put you in contact with someone who could.


As you might have seen in our 5 Essentials Not To Leave Home Without, carrying an ID is crucial. For job interviews, however, we cannot stress the importance enough. Beyond a driver’s license or an ID card, here’s where you should plan ahead and try to bring a copy of your passport, birth certificate or even medicare card. Larger companies, especially government, have strict verification policies in place and a simple driver’s license isn’t always enough. To save you scrambling around last minute, why not be ahead of the pack and have one ready. Preparation is key.

A day pack

Interviews can be a gruelling process. From day-long assessment days to on the spot quizzes, role play and writing tests. Is the end result always worth the task at hand? We’d hope so. But to get you through that day you need to pack a few essentials which will help. A pen and a notepad will help you remember everything that’s been said, some water will keep your throat from going dry through those long interviews and some mints wouldn’t go astray either.

Applying for jobs can be really draining. Interviews aren’t always the easiest, either. However with this small list of items and a positive attitude, we’re sure you’ll be prepped and ready to on what’s to come. Initiative is a quality most employers look out for and with this list at hand, it’s one you’ll demonstrate to have mastered.

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