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The staples you need to transition your wardrobe to summer

Posted on 13 November 2020

The staples you need to transition your wardrobe to summer

With colder spring days becoming less frequent and summer well and truly on the horizon, it’s time to address this trans-seasonal period with a wardrobe that is flexible to cater for any weather. The aim with transitional season dressing is to navigate varying temperatures with style, so that you’re never left out in the sartorial cold.


Layering obviously has a major role to play in staying comfortable, feeling good and looking even better, but there are hacks beyond that to keep in mind when stocking up your transitional season wardrobe.


We’ve partnered with Rodd & Gunnto explore just that, so you can pull together men’s summer fashion looks and master those spring to summer transition outfits in 2020.


Step 1: Layering


If you’re sat pondering, ‘how do I transition my wardrobe from spring to summer?’, then we’re here to inform you that it’s not which kindof clothes, but instead what combinationof clothes. In this transition period where you’re dressing both for crisp mornings and warmer afternoons, spring to summer outfits pair up multiple levels of clothing to form an entire, cohesive look.


Plus,layering clothes can also provide you with more styles from your existing wardrobe so you have more looks to play withon a day-to-day basis. But there are a few key steps to follow to truly master how to layer clothes, so we’ve mapped them out for you right here.


How to layer clothes


There’s a simple formula to follow with layering, particularly when you’re trying to transition outfits from spring to summer. And it goes a little something like this:




  1. Build a solid base


Stock up on some classic monochrome staples to wear as your base layer. You can never go wrong with a Rodd & Gunn Gunn Polo, available in a range of colours – but we recommend opting for black, white, grey or navy for this layer.


  1. Add some colour into the mix


Build the spring casual outfit palette with a pop of colour. This is most easily applied with the addition of a button-up shirt that you wear open. A great go-to for this layer is most definitely the Rodd & Gunn Blind River Shirtin the shade ‘Foam’.


  1. Climatise your look


It wouldn’t be transitional dressing without a light jacket, so make sure you always have one to hand to get you through that spring to summer period. Opt for a muted or neutral tone for this layer so you know it will pair with your first two items. To keep things at that perfect balance of smart-casual, try out the Rodd & Gunn Kennedy Bay Sports Fit Jacketin ‘Natural’ – it’s by far the best lightweight jacket for summer.


Step 2: Choose natural fabrics


The secret to finding the best clothes to wear in summer is to prioritise wearing natural (and breathable) fabrics. That means plucking cotton shirts and linen blends over wool-based and polyester alternatives.


Luckily for you, men’s summer style has evolved to incorporate lots light, bright and breathable textures – allowing you to stay cool when the heat ramps up and layer up when the days are still cold. But what are the to-buy items you simply shouldn’t skip?


  1. Shirts. Seek out linenand cotton options and give yourself the chance to experiment with brighter colours, especially as you can throw a bright shirt over a muted base.


  1. Chinos.A significantly lighter option in comparison to its heavy counterparts of jeans or wool pants. Find a cotton option with a light stretch to keep you comfy for this transeasonal period. A brilliant staple to have on hand for your summer wardrobe is theRodd & Gunn Forsyth Slim Pantin either ‘Pebble’ or ‘Midnight’.


  1. Sneakers.As opposed to boots or dress shoes (AKA your spring wardrobe go-to), canvas, suede, or leather sneakers can offer a lighter, more youthful look that can easily be dressed up or dressed down for any occasion. Rodd & Gunn have a new release sneaker hitting stores soon with a low cut ankle and wrapped with suede and leather detailing that we’re pretty sure will be the sneaker of summer.



Are you now feeling ready to take your transitional season dressing to the next level? To stock up your spring to summer wardrobe, head toRodd & Gunn.





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