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Premium Tequila Brand Breaks Into Fashion With First Ever Three Piece Collection, Co-Created By Some Of Australia’s Most Talented Artists

Posted on 04 December 2020

Premium Tequila Brand Breaks Into Fashion With First Ever Three Piece Collection, Co-Created By  Some Of Australia’s Most Talented Artists


1800 Tequila have recruited Poppy Lissiman and Manu Crooks to help refine your Summer wardrobe, and

cocktail capabilities.

Whether you religiously overhaul your wardrobe at the turn of the season, or simply like to stay ahead

of the latest trends, 1800 Tequila have emerged with a limited-edition collection where flavour meets

fashion in a very bold way. Unveiling bespoke fashion items and fresh new cocktail creations for those

serious about style, 1800 Tequila has teamed up with accessories supremo, Poppy Lissiman, and music

maverick, Manu Crooks, to launch the 1800 Essential Artists collaboration. Having designed the most

covetable collection of Summer staples, you can expect simple silhouettes and supreme minimalism in

this must-have release.

Tequila Specialist, Hayley Dixon, was very involved in the campaign from a cocktail perspective, wanting

to create the ultimate summer serve that perfectly represented each talent. She said, “1800 are always

looking for new and refreshing ways to keep tequila top of mind over the summer. Both Poppy and Manu

have a very unique flavour when it comes to fashion so we figured why not translate this to cocktail

serves and inspire our consumers. Tequila and champagne isn’t a combination you see often, but with

the addition of 1800 Coconut and peach, it’s one you’ll want to see often. Our 1800 Anejo with cola also

feels a little off kilter, but the only thing that could ever make a cherry cola even better, is Tequila. Time

to step outside your comfort zone!”

From timeless pieces to essential accessories, the three piece collection is exactly what you can expect

your fashion-forward friends to be wearing this Summer. Channelling the allure of 1800 Tequila that is,

‘just refined enough’ , Poppy and Manu are offering up a dynamic display of fashion via three super sleek

items; a black waist bag with silver chain detailing, a must-have minimalist bucket hat, and the humble

6-panel cap. As for the flavours to match, expect to see the likes of peach, champagne and tequila

combined in these all-new recipes to inspire 1800 Tequila’s spirit lovers.

Combining the high-fashion undertone of 1800 Tequila with that of Poppy Lissiman’s flirtatious brand,

you’ll find a monochromatic must-have investment for the summer season. A testament to her electric

aesthetic, Poppy’s designs were most recently worn by Queen Bey herself, featured front and centre in

the new Black Is King music video that dropped late August 2020. With her accessories line now donning

a celeb tick of approval, you’ll no doubt look and feel like a true fashion icon following this purchase.

Poppy’s affinity and obsession with 1800 Tequila stems from her having spent several months living in

Mexico during her early 20’s, finding her passions and learning from travel. This collaboration embodies

a very organic fusion of Poppy’s style and interests; “Everything about my time in tequila’s homeland

was gritty but pretty” say’s Poppy rather earnestly. “I’ve popped those memories into a fashion piece

and there you have it, something that feels true to me but very on trend.”

Much like the basket bag, or tortoiseshell sunnies, the bucket hat has cemented itself as a vital summer

accessory. Inspired by the timeless 1800 Tequila mentality that reads: Trabajo, Pasion, Honestidad ,

(Work, Passion, Honesty), Manu worked with the 1800 team to personify his own motif, one that

rightfully represents his humble hustle as a music artist.

Emblazoned across the smooth, black bucket hat is the phrase ‘Mood Forever’, encapsulating Manu’s

outlook on life and style. “Mood Forever is meant to inspire, uplift, and challenge. To me it means

reaching way past your potential but also the arduous journey, and the sheer determination to achieve

something even when all the odds are stacked against you.” Mirroring the laser sharp focus of his

athletic basketball days, Manu carries this Mood Forever mindset with him in the studio and on stage.

He may just have a concert series in the works under this exact name…stay tuned.

The 1800 Essential Artists three piece collection is available via a digital pop up store


www.1800essentialartists.com.au at 18:00 hours on December 1, while stocks last.


Given the concrete impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on the hospitality sector of Australia, 1800

Tequila will be donating all profits made from this exclusive release to Scarf, a social enterprise

transforming young lives via training, mentoring and paid work experience. Scarf is a not-for-profit

organisation making employment opportunities more equitable for young people facing barriers to

work; individuals seeking asylum, and those from refugee and migrant backgrounds who’ve been locked

out of the job market. Hannah Brennan, Scarf Co-Founder and CEO said, “Since 2010 we’ve partnered

with over 100 Melbourne restaurants to transform close to 250 young lives through hospitality. We rely

heavily on public support and donations to provide meaningful experiences for our trainees, so we are

honoured by the opportunity to work with 1800 Tequila on their Essential Artists campaign. It’s

wonderful to see global brands throwing their support towards organisations most impacted during the


To purchase the Poppy Lissiman x 1800 or Manu Crooks x 1800 custom items, visit



A couple of cocktail recipes to wrap your luscious lips around, courtesy of Poppy Lissiman, Manu Crooks

and 1800 Tequila:

Poppy Lissiman’s Taste of Tulum

30ml 1800 Coconut

15ml Peach Syrup

10ml Fino Sherry

20ml Fresh Lemon

5ml Simple Syrup

90ml Prosecco

Shake all ingredients minus prosecco, double strain into champagne flute, top with prosecco. Garnish

lemon zest.


Manu’s Mood Forever Cherry Bomb

30ml 1800 Reposado

15ml Cherry Liqueur

2ml Vanilla Extract

15ml Simple Syrup

25ml Lemon Juice

1 Dash Angostura Orange Bitters

60ml Cola

Shake all ingredients minus the cola, double strain over block ice into double rocks glass, top with cola.


Garnish Lemon Twist.

1800 Tequila Summer Staple

40ml 1800 Silver Tequila

15ml Watermelon Syrup

15ml Honey Syrup (3:1 Honey:Warm Water)

20ml Fresh Lemon Juice

15ml Fresh Grapefruit Juice

60ml StrangeLove 8 Ball Dry Tonic

Shake all ingredients minus the tonic, double strain into highball glass over ice, top with tonic. Garnish

Watermelon wedge.


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