Welcome to Mr Men’s Melbourne!

Mr Men’s Melbourne is an e-commerce menswear, accessories and grooming products, Lifestyle brand based in Melbourne Australia. The e-commerce site started trading in August 2017.

Mr Men’s Melbourne Brand message.

Fashion is a popular or trending style, that is ever-evolving and frequently re-constructed. It is a manner of self-expression and highly influenced by environmental and social change. Many people, thus, form their personal sense of style, behaviour and attitudes based on this. As a result, Mr Men’s seeks to deconstruct the normative ideologies of what it means to be a man through the medium of fashion and lifestyle. It accomplishes this by promoting its acceptance and awareness for different forms of personal expression and identity and issues.

Mr Men’s Melbourne Aims. 

To become a reference point/gathering hub for Gen Y men, covering their general areas of interest and relevant fashion trends.

To establish a platform for raising awareness of how men can best express their identity through fashion sense and lifestyle.



We hope you enjoy browsing on the Mr Men’s Melbourne site and being part of the community that we are building.

ENJOY! Have any questions about the brand, please contact us on the contacts page.

Amy-Eliza Wilkinson






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