Founded in 2014, Bricktown is a French clothing label based in Paris.

The designer, Samuel David Benainous who was born in 1989, draws his inspiration from the 1990’s – an era of cable television, games consoles and the arrival of the World Wide Web.

Bricktown’s mission and purpose is to bring back the style, personality and attitude from our distant teenage years with a touch of humour.

Using entertaining and classy pixelated icons, we’re committed to creating fashionable ‘conversation starters’ inspired by nostalgic 8-bit video games graphics. We want to bring an element of excitement and joy into the wardrobes and lives of the wearer.
If we can put even a little smile on someone’s face just by seeing our sweaters, t-shirts or accessories then we have succeeded.
Bricktown prides itself on creating an excellent product, which combines high-quality embroidery with soft yet durable fabrics to deliver a premium garment.
We create unusual signatures for unusual personalities.