I’ve always had a streak of risk-taking in me. I’d like to think it comes from my old man who after the Vietnam War fled the country by boat, taking on the risk of the ocean and the unknown. With my mum and 5 brothers in tow he then self-navigated to Malaysia, and from there was relocated to Australia where he faced the biggest battle of all, building a home for his family from scratch. Dad taking a leap like that has taught me that some things are always worth the risk.

I was born in Australia and grew up wanting to serve the country that provided my family with a home. Out of school I enlisted into the Australian Defence Force, joined the Paratrooper Regiment, and then was selected into the Special Forces Commandos. I have been deployed to the harshest, most dangerous environments in the world and learnt that life is fragile and limited. Our life, health, and time will not last forever. We only get one chance, and it doesn’t hurt to look good while we’re at it.

Male skincare in Australia is an untouched gem. There is so much potential, opportunity, and quality ingredients waiting to be developed into innovative products, not just for Australian men, but men around the world. It’s our mission to build products that deliver simple and strong skincare solutions using some of the best natural ingredients available. I definitely think Man Of War’s first products are heading in the right direction of bolstering the grooming movement.

Look good, live fast and take risks.
Albert Trinh