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Scenic tall forests, fern-filled gullies, waterfalls and rolling hills guarded by a fierce stretch of coastline. The first sight of terra firma for many thousands of courageous 19th-century drifters travelling to Australia. This untamed land is today named after Captain William Albany Otway… The Otways Ranges, largely untouched and harbouring a fascinating history, is the inspiration of this project called Ottway The Label.


  • Vegan leather, made out of non-animal suede
  • It can be worn as a shirt or jacket
  • 2 chest pockets
  • Soft fabric and perfect finish

Product specifications

Made out of non-animal suede. Crafted to journey through generations


All models are in between 184-186 cm and wearing size L

Loose and effortless shirt. Our products have a unisex appeal so we’ve sized them to better fit both sexes.

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Please refer to the size guide below when buying one style for both men and women keeping in mind our products are made to be slightly oversized